Have you ever wondered where the salt for our roads comes from ? 

Sleator Plant recently supplied an Irish Salt Mining and Explorations Site based in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland with a new Terex Truck. The mine is responsible for producing up to 500,000 tonnes of road salt per year used for de-icing roads. At it’s deepest point, the mine reaches 1000ft below ground!

Terex Trucks have proved a trusty workhorse for the mine, being flexible, comfortable and above all reliable. The trucks are easy to maintain and service and they just keep on working!

Sleator Plant are the official Terex Trucks dealer for Northern Ireland and recently supplied the Salt Mines new addition. The mine themselves have an experienced service team and good workshop facilities which means they can keep the trucks in tip top condition but Sleator Plant are on hand to provide all the technical knowledge and assistance the mine might need.

See the truck in action