Operational Weight: 5,400 kg

Engine Power: 29.1/2400 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity: 0.15 m³

1 year/ 2000 hour warranty

Yanmar powered units

Smooth load sensing hydraulics

Comfort cabs


  • Yanmar engine ensures the SY50U’s reliability in tough working conditions
  • Reinforced structure improves the machine’s stability and prolongs service life
  • Multi-stage air and fuel filtration make the machine more stable and reliable

High Efficiency

  • Advanced SLSS hydraulic system, optimal power control and work mode selection improve speed and power while reducing fuel consumption
  • Zero tail swing radius and independent boom swing allow operation in extremely confined spaces
  • Low fuel consumption and high efficiency. The SY50U reduced fuel consumption by 15% and improves efficiency by 14.2%

Safe & Eco Friendly

  • The TOPS/FOPS ensures the safety for operation
  • Eco-friendly tier 4 engine greatly reduces harmful emissions
  • All the covering parts are made of metal, durable and recyclable. It doesn’t use FRP and other materials that have short service life and often cause pollution

Comfortable & Convenient

  • Comfortable operation: Broad view, adjustable seat and air conditioning make the SY50U comfortable enough to operate
  • Large Engine Hood: Easily accessible, enables the operator to complete daily maintenance on the ground
  • Centralized Inner Structure: All key parts gathered in the back of the excavator, including air filter, oil filter, water separator, oil dipstick, expansion tank, oil filling mouth etc reducing maintenance difficulty


Own the SANY SY50U from as little as £123 per week! 

3 buckets and manual quick hitch. Based on 10% deposit, over 5 years. 

Quote is indicative and subject to formal approval on the credit risk, pricing, structure and documentation. Any quotation provided is also subject to any changes in money costs and are therefore floating until drawdown.

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