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Mecalac TV900 for Sale

Mecalac TV900

Mecalac TV900
Mecalac TV900
Mecalac TV900
Mecalac TV900
Mecalac TV900
  • Operating Weight 1568 kg
  • Overall Width 970 mm
  • Overall Length 1860 mm
  • Turning Circle 5740 mm
  • Travel Speed 8 km/h
  • Engine Power 20.8 hp/ 15.5 kW
  • Drum Width 900 mm
  • Centrifugal Force 10/ 12.5 daN
  • Frequency 46/ 52 hz
  • Static Linear Load 8.7 kg/cm
  • Amplitude 0.5 mm

Arguably some of the toughest in the world, the Mecalac range of compact Tandem Rollers are designed for the rigorous demands of the Plant Hire industry. With a 900mm drum, high compaction productivity is achieved by the powerful well proven mass exciter system, which delivers high dynamic force, Optimised balance between frequency and amplitude provides ultimate versatility in meeting all kinds of job site conditions. Optional hydraulic breaker outlet provides 30L/min flow rate (Category 2), removing the need for an additional powerpack or compressor on site, further increasing the versatility of this compact model.